Marine Detailing

Hello! Welcome in. Purity Auto Hygienics is a local, FULLY LICENSED and INSURED, mobile and drop off, Professional Detailing Business. We offer Full Service MARINE DETAILING, GEL COAT RESTORATION, and CERAMIC COATINGS.

We know how to REVIVE and PROTECT your Boat. Detailing is only half about the cleaning. Of course, we want it clean. The PRESERVATION and PROTECTION from everything Mother Nature throws at our stuff is more than half the battle. When we can PRESERVE and PROTECT the materials in the first place, the RESALE VALUE and EASE of REGULAR MAINTENANCE both benefit immensely.

The Sun’s rays are harsh. Is there anything you have ever left out in the sun for any prolonged period of time, that did not fade? We put sunscreen on our skin right? Our boats’ gelcoat doesn’t stand a chance against the UV rays from the sun if left unprotected. Gel Coat is tough from an impact perspective, but it also oxidizes very easily. One full season without any type of surface protection can be enough to start the oxidation process significantly. Restoration of the gel coat can get quite extensive, in severe circumstances, to be finished out properly. Until about 10-15 years ago, our only options were a traditional wax, or for something more effective protection wise, a Polymer Sealant.

With the latest advancements in Nano-Surface Technology, it hardly makes sense to use anything other than a high quality, Professional Grade Ceramic Coating, if you are looking for the ultimate protection for your boat. Certain quality Ceramics on the market are so hard that they can actually be polished and refined before reapplying a fresh coat or adding a fresh topper layer. OUR COATINGS WILL NOT WASH OFF of the vehicle. They form a PERMANENT NANO-MOLECULAR BOND and are now 100% IMPERVIOUS to UV RAYS, and Chemicals. Meaning proper maintenance with the use of bug removers and tar removers for those pesky buoy marks is still possible without stripping your coating. Unlike some mainstream “epoxy” based coatings on the market that need to be reapplied every time to keep the warranty intact. Learn more about our Ceramic Coatings HERE.

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