Paint Correction, Polishing & Scratch Removal in Yuba City

Advanced paint correction services. Keep your factory paint intact.


Every vehicle is different and has specific paint correction needs.

In the last 10-15 years, technology, industry understanding, tooling and products have all advanced a lot. Expanding what is possible.

You can have that showroom shine and finish again. We safely, effectively, and permanently recondition a wide variety of automotive finishes like paint, glass, trim, and more. In certain cases, even beyond the condition you bought your vehicle in.

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Our specialized skill sets, tooling, and knowledge can help you achieve your goals. Our in-depth understanding of the different paint types, from classics to brand new, and how to address them individually, gives us a unique edge over the competition.

Choose a qualified, experienced shop to begin with, and avoid the costly body shop repair bills.

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A vehicle inspection is performed at the time of service. Paint depth measurements are taken, and analyzed, to make sure there is enough paint to safely remove the undesirable defects and scratches from the paintwork. Keeping your paint system intact, and extending the life of your vehicle, is the whole point, after all.

A gentle hand wash, followed by a “clay bar” decontamination steps removes all impurities in the paint. This process leaves a prepped, uncontaminated, clean surface, ready for the paint correction and machine polishing phases. Working clean all the way through, is the key to a quality paint finish.


Performing a test spot, by putting a polisher to the paint, is necessary to determine the appropriate course of action. This is a process we go through individually for every vehicle. No two vehicles are the same. They can all require slightly different combinations of cutting and/or polishing pads, depending on the level of defect removal you desire.

Not all paint is created equal either. Some manufacturer’s paint is harder and takes longer to correct. Some paint is softer and can require further steps to finish out properly. Even paints on the same model vehicle from the same year can behave differently with different pads and polishes.

Our experience and process allow us to hone in on the right combination quickly and safely to deliver maximum depth, gloss, and a pristine paint finish.

Multi-Step Or One-Step Paint Correction?

We make adjustments to deliver peak performance on a case by case basis. Optimizing the level of scratch removal for the specific service level and budget. Clear coat with light defects, including wash marring(scratches), and subtle oxidation can generally be restored with a One-Step polish and leave a paint finish that is extremely glossy, with the proper clarity. At a certain point, it will require a multi-step paint correction to address the problem completely.

Medium to Severe Defect Removal

In the case of medium to severe scratches, sanding marks, or heavy swirls, a multi-step paint correction will be necessary to fully correct the paint defects. In those situations, we continue testing each phase and determine the proper process for your specific paint. Once we test a finish polish step, to make sure the entire vehicle will turn out with a crystal clear, glassy, swirl free finish, the process begins. We check our work with professional lighting that mimics the sun, as we work around each panel of the car one by one, downsizing tools where necessary.

All edge work is done with smaller 1″ diameter and 3″ diameter random orbital machines to guarantee we never burn an edge. True paint correction, maximum depth, clarity, and gloss, while being mindful of the paint depth and your paint’s longevity..

Specific Vehicle Precautions

Certain vehicles can have previous damage, and some areas should be avoided at all cost with a machine due to lack of paint to work with. Each vehicle can have their own unique challenges and individual circumstances that we take into full consideration upon servicing your vehicle.

The ability to adjust variables like pads (course to fine), pad material choices (wool, microfiber, foam), buffing liquids (course to fine), machine speed, arm speed, wetting agents, and proper clean out methods, guarantee we can put a high quality finish on your vehicle that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations.


Fine Tuning Performance

We fine tune the approach, before dialing in the optimal combination to achieve the desired results. This is 100% necessary to professionally deliver the level of correction desired. Along with the best finish, maximum efficiency, and most cost effectiveness as possible. By testing this way, we can determine the proper level of correction required, without removing any more paint than absolutely necessary to achieve the desired results.

Our process allows us to effectively measure and monitor the paint depth. As well as, monitor the micro amount of paint being removed in the process. This helps guarantee the health and integrity of the paint system as a whole.

Breathe Life Back Into Your Paint

Working clean is paramount. When machine polishing and correcting/cutting paint, we clean out our pads for every section pass. Sometimes we use up to five or six fresh cutting pads for a single vehicle correction. This ensures the cleanest and most uniform finish possible.

Paint Correction

The Ultimate Goal, Is To Remove As Little Paint As Possible, While At The Same Time, Achieve The Desired Reults.

Paint correction, also known as compounding, polishing, “cut and buff”, swirl and scratch removal, etc, is a process consisting of refinishing flawed, damaged, and/or oxidized paint. We are able to safely recondition paint and other exterior surfaces properly the first time. Using intelligent combinations of machines, pads, and buffing liquids each with unique abrasion levels of their own.

The act of physically putting a polisher to the paint is not enough. One must be careful. Constantly considering the inherent paint properties and potential failure points. Being mindful of different techniques, heat introduction, tooling, pad and buffing liquid combinations, specific vehicle precautions, and even the physical limitations of the paint itself.



We refuse to cut corners. Our commercial and private clientele continually place their trust in us for their car, truck, SUV, boat, and agriculture detailing needs. We do not take that trust lightly.

When it comes to highly specialized auto detailing and ceramic coating with quality results you can count on, look no further.

We obsess over the details, so you don’t have to. Have questions? Get in touch.

Previous Projects

Check out our Showroom. An image gallery to help you visualize our services and showcase the before and after results. Exacting standards lead to exacting results.

Certain levels of paint correction services are already included in our ceramic coating protection packages.

*** More steps can be necessary depending on paint condition and the level of finish you’re seeking. We make sure to be as up front as humanly possible.

It is professionally recommended to follow up any form of paint correction with a quality ceramic coating to preserve and extend the life expectancy of the vehicle’s paint system. See our Ceramic Coating Protection Packages here.


Please reach out with any questions you may have about the process, and what you can expect. We love what we do, and we equally appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Careful consideration goes into analyzing each vehicle, case by case. This way, we ensure the most accurate and professional recommendations possible.

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