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Your vehicle says a lot about you. Let it speak HIGHLY.

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IDA Certified Professional Detailer

Your vehicle is important to you. If you are like us, you like things done right the first time. Auto Detailing is about preservation. It’s about the science of long term material preservation. Cleaning without damaging, then protecting everything, from edge to edge, properly. Giving you some future proofing.

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Saving You Time & Money

We use only dedicated professional automotive products. Not over the counter general purpose stuff… only the best professional equipment, and an International Detailing Association Certified Detailer. We are also a CarFax Service Center. Fully Integrated. Meaning our services boost your resale value on the back end with a stout maintenance service history. Yes, you heard correctly, our services are reflected on your Car Fax Service History Report as an added benefit to you and your wallet!

Internationally Recognized Certified Professional Detailer


Mobile & Drop-Off Detailing Services

Ask about our Extended Hours for pick-ups and drop-offs. Classic, friendly, customer service. Secure and Convenient Payment options. We take all major Debit and Credit cards. We use Stripe as our card payment processor, just like Amazon. That way you know your information stays secure. We also take VENMO Payments, so you have another convenient and secure choice.

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We Are Here For You

Our clients are like family to us. We believe there is a reason that so many of our clients return time and time again for their car care maintenance. They trust our expertise, and we do not take that lightly. We are constantly pushing the envelope to deliver greater and greater, and even more lasting results. That way our services keep on giving. Month after Month. Year after Year. Our knowledge is your knowledge. You can lean on us for your car care advice.

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Ceramic Coatings

Professional Grade Protection

Long term, professional grade, ceramic coatings last for YEARS, not months. They form a molecular bond to your paint, meaning they will not wash off. A true sacrificial barrier helping to protect your vehicle from everything life, and mother nature, throw at it. We are Certified Installers of the P&S Detail Products Inspiration & Legend Lineup of Professional Grade Ceramic Coatings. Considering the investment, we believe it is worthwhile. These products are heavy duty, long term, ceramic nano-coatings. Not recommended for installation by untrained individuals…

Paint Correction

Advanced Reconditioning

Surfaces can degrade over time when not properly cared for, or left unprotected out in the elements. The good news is, it can usually be corrected by a knowledgable professional without compromising the paint system. Dull Oxidized Headlights can be reconditioned and restored for less money than replacing with new ones.

Auto Detailing

IDA Certified Professional

Professional Tooling, Products, and Techniques allow us to safely and effectively make regular maintenance an easy, non-destructive, resale value boosting, CarFax Certified, benefit to your vehicles health and value.Our International Detailing Association Certification lets you know your vehicle is in good hands.


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