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Treat yourself and your vehicle to new beginnings.

Ceramic Coating

Did you know a professional ceramic coating can help you actually enjoy maintaining your vehicle? Would you like to buy back some time? Maybe you are just tired of watching your expensive vehicles get sun faded and weathered.

Keeping your vehicle looking it’s best year after year, doesn’t have to be complicated! A true, high solids, nano ceramic coating really does last for YEARS when applied properly. Make sure to choose a trained and professional installer, using a quality coating, to make sure it’s a worthwhile experience and investment.

When the surfaces are prepped and polished, and the coatings are applied properly, they form a molecular bond with the paint, trim, glass, and other surfaces. They do not wash off of your vehicle, or fill imperfections and scratches in the paint like a wax.

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Paint Correction

Has your paint seen better days? Polishing the paint, and correcting/ removing scratches or other paint defects, is a very rewarding process when performed by a skilled technician. The depth, gloss, and clarity, of the paint all increase dramatically. This leaves your ride looking fit for a showroom again. Would you like to bring back the shine and maybe even get rid of some scratches?

Surfaces can, and will degrade. Vehicle’s stored outside, with no place for shelter, have to weather it all. The rain, baking sun, and bugs, bird poop, etc all take a toll on the finishes over time. Now and again, they just need a little professional help to bring back the gloss and shine.

Ceramic Coating a vehicle when new, provides a sacrificial barrier for the clear coat, helping to prevent most all of the UV damage, fading, and oxidation issues vehicles normally have after just a few years of use. and help prevent/reduce marring from bad crashing techniques, before they are able to occur at all.

Paint Correction

Auto Detailing

You care about your vehicle. Whether it’s a sports car, daily driver, pickup truck, motorcycle, or boat, you chose it because it spoke to you in some way. We help it speak louder. Our vehicles reflect on who we are, and our International Detailing Association Certification lets you know your vehicle is in good hands.

We took our time, and money, to pass the industry’s certification tests to provide peace of mind. Simultaneously making a commitment to the IDA Code of Ethics. Delivering the highest possible quality and integrity for our customers, the industry, and our environment.

The quality of a ceramic coating and paint correction job is largely determined by the preparation, and quality of the prep detail before those processes begin. The Industry is EVOLVING, and so have the processes involved.

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Why choose an International Detailer’s Association Certified Shop?
A damaged vehicle is much more costly to repair than a quality detail is to begin with… Choosing an IDA Certified Detail Shop means you can rest assured your vehicle is in good hands. We have the necessary knowledge and skill sets to handle the job right the first time.

We are also a CarFax Integrated Service Center. Meaning our Services, like Glass Protection, Paint Protection, Ceramic Coatings, and Detailing services, boost your resale value on the back end. Making for a stout maintenance history and service report from CarFax. Yes, our services are reflected on your Car Fax Service History Report as an added benefit when you choose us! We do not use over the counter, general purpose stuff… only premium products, and high level processes.