Detailing your boat is your best defense against the Sun’s UV rays and water stains.



Marine detailing is a bit different than an automotive detailing, and boats are subjected to different uses. The different elements a watercraft comes into contact with, creates a need for heavy duty surface protection. The sun beating down, and minerals in the water, are attacking the surfaces from all angles. It is not a matter of “if” it will take a toll on the boats finishes, but “when”.

The surface protection needed and care required to maintain a boat properly can seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. When properly detail a boat, and we protect the materials in the first place, the resale value and ease of regular maintenance both benefit immensely. Marine detailing means more money back in your pocket when you sell or trade-in your existing watercraft.

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Watercraft Detailing & Coatings

Interior Marine Detailing + Exterior Marine Detailing + Heavyweight Protection

Is your boat brand new or does your boat need some professional detailing help? Maybe you keep up on it annually yourself, yet it just isn’t cleaning up like it used to. We have the experience your boat needs. Our boat detailing services will make your life easier, and keep your boat looking like new for years!

Tired of the annual waxing? A long term ceramic coating will help keep the boat from oxidizing, keep it cleaner with less effort, and allows us to protect materials that a wax would damage and stain. Take your boat care to the next level, and have the best looking boat on the water. Keeping your carpets, and upholstery in great shape, and easy to clean. We only use top of the line protection for gel coat, fabrics, leather, chrome, glass, vinyl and more.

Why Ceramic Coating instead of wax?

The sun’s rays are harsh. Is there anything you have ever left out in the sun for any prolonged period of time that did not fade? We put sunscreen on our skin right? Our boats’ gelcoat doesn’t stand a chance against the uv rays from the sun, if left unprotected.

Gel coat is tough from an impact perspective, but it also oxidizes very easily. One full season without any type of surface protection can be enough to start the oxidation process significantly.

Restoration of the gel coat can get quite extensive, in severe circumstances, to be finished out properly. This is why we highly recommend ceramic coating your boat while new, when possible, to avoid the costly reconditioning services and the hit in resale value. Of course, we can correct heavy oxidation most of the time and restore the finish to near new.

Until about 10-15 years ago or so, our only options for a last step, marine detailing protection product, was a traditional wax, or for something more effective protection wise, a polymer sealant. That, or you just polished the oxidation every year or two.

Today’s nano-coatings are light years ahead of other forms of surface protection when it comes to UV protection, longevity, ease of cleaning, and surface protection in general.

Technological Advancements

With the latest advancements in nano-surface technology, it hardly makes sense to use anything other than a high quality, professional grade, ceramic coating when looking for the ultimate protection for your boat. Regular boat detailing, and a wax tends to stain gelcoat and rubber trim. No one likes the look of that… Certain quality ceramics on the market are so hard, that they can actually be polished and refined, without removing them, before reapplying a fresh coat or adding a topper layer down the road.

Unlike traditional waxes and sealants, our coatings will not wash off. They form a nano-molecular bond and 99.9% impervious to uv rays, and chemicals. This means, proper maintenance with the use of bug removers and harsher solvent-based products (which are sometimes necessary for those pesky buoy marks) is still possible without stripping your expensive coating. Learn more about our ceramic coatings here. Eliminate the need for regular waxing.

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