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Ceramic Coating Protection Packages

LEVEL 3 – Ceramic Coating Package

Longevity: 3 to 5 + years


– Complete Exterior Detail

– Iron Decontamination (Chemical & Physical Clay Bar)

– 1-Step Paint Correction (Machine Polish)

– Glass Polished with P&S Clarity Creme

– Windshield and Window Coating (longevity up to 2-3 Years on windshield; lasts even longer on side glass)

– Paint, Trim, Wheels, Headlights and Tail lights are coated.

*** Every vehicle is subject to a pre-inspection prior to starting service. ***

Ceramic Coating, car, truck, boat, paint, trim, wheel(s), and glass

LEVEL 2 – Ceramic Coating Package

Longevity: 3 to 5 + years


– Complete Exterior Detail

– Iron Decontamination (Chemical & Physical Clay Bar)

– 1-Step Paint Correction (Machine Polish)

– Glass Polish

– Dedicated Windshield and Glass Ceramic Coating (Longevity of up to 2-3 Years on Windshield; lasts even longer on side glass)

– Paint, Trim, Headlights and Tail lights are coated.

*Every vehicle is subject to our vehicle pre-inspection prior to starting service.

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LEVEL 1 – Ceramic Coating Package

Durability: 1 Year to 18 Months


– Complete Exterior Detail

– Iron Decontamination (Chemical & Physical Clay Bar)

– Paint Enhancement Polish

– Windshield Polish

– Dedicated Windshield Ceramic Coating (Longevity of up to 2-3 Years on Windshield using wiper blades)

– Ceramic Coating on all exterior painted surfaces.

*Every vehicle is subject to our vehicle pre-inspection prior to starting service.

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New & Used Vehicle Ceramic Coatings in Yuba City

Every vehicle is different. Don’t forget, even “brand new” vehicles are handled, driven, loaded, unloaded and transported multiple times prior to the final owner receiving the keys to their “new car” at the dealership.

Professional Diagnosis

Before giving our professional recommendations, we will ask you questions to make sure we are addressing any specific areas of concern you have with your vehicle. Our goal is to provide you with the appropriate level of service for you and your vehicle(s) needs.

We are confident your vehicle will stay one of the best looking vehicles on the road, after seeing us for any one of our professional ceramic coating packages.


We refuse to cut corners. Our commercial and private clientele continually place their trust in us for their car, truck, SUV, boat, and agriculture detailing needs. We do not take that trust lightly.

When it comes to highly specialized auto detailing and ceramic coating with quality results you can count on, look no further.

We obsess over the details, so you don’t have to. Have questions? Get in touch.

Can a coating make my paint last longer?

Paint lasts longer. Trim stays blacker. For Years.

In order to maximize the life of your vehicle(s) finishes, it is always recommended to keep some form of paint protection on the surfaces of your vehicle.

Our summers here in the Yuba City area, bring some very high surface temperatures. Almost anything starts to fade after two or three summers outside left unprotected. The sun eventually takes a toll on everything we leave outdoors. This is especially true for a vehicle that is stored under weather.

A ceramic coating in Yuba City might be the perfect option for you, if you don’t enjoy applying waxes, and sealants, semi regularly. It provides the most proven surface protection available, short of Paint Protection Film (PPF) for rock chips and scratches. See our PPF page for more info on Paint Protection Film.

Coating Maintenance

A proper ceramic coating can help simplify your maintenance routine, allowing you to skip your normal last protection step.

All that is necessary to easily keep the outside of your vehicle looking great, is a simple maintenance wash routine, with a gentle car wash soap.


Your vehicle starts off with a premium hand wash. In this process we focus on deep cleaning the exterior surfaces. Removing any existing waxes, or sealants, to prepare your paint trim and glass for their new ceramic coatings.

Our very safe and effective process will break down existing waxes and sealants to prepare your vehicle for the iron decontamination, polishing & coating application phases.


Next, we thoroughly go around the vehicle with multiple decontamination steps remove stubborn embedded iron, industrial fallout, and other contaminants that will prevent the coating from bonding properly.

This process makes the paint very smooth and perfectly prepares your vehicle for the polishing and/or paint correction phases to begin.


Inside our shop, and out of the weather, we apply our Ceramic Coatings in a humidity controlled environment.

This allows us to guarantee our installations personally, alongside any 3rd Party warranty you can purchase with your coating application.

After the vehicle cures inside overnight, your vehicle, and its new ceramic coating, are ready to hit the road worry free.


A quality ceramic coating, is only as good as the quality of the prep work and the quality of the installation. This is why, the far majority of time we spend on every coating application, is in the preparation.

Whether graphene, or ceramic based, proper preparation is key to the longevity, and performance, of a successful coating application.

Unlock Easy Maintenance – For Years

We take the necessary time to do it right and make the investment worthwhile. Every ceramic coating package of ours includes an exterior detail, in addition to chemical and mechanical iron decontamination steps. These procedures happen prior to any paint correction, and/or prep polishing and ceramic coating that is being done. As P&S Trained &Authorized Installers, we give you access to the Installer Warranty Program and we stand behind our installations.

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Scratch & Rock Chip Protection

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Restore Your Shine

Ceramic Coating vs. Paint Protection Film (PPF)

To make it as simple as possible, A ceramic coating will keep everything from fading. Giving you a very glossy looking, easy to clean, finish for years to come. For people who can’t stand rock chips, or don’t want to risk scratches for ten years. PPF will stop rock chips and scratches. A Ceramic Coating is perfect for anyone who doesn’t mind a few rock chips or scratches over the years of ownership. Some even apply a coating over the top of their PPF. For more information about Paint Protection Film benefits, click below.

Complimentary Shuttle Service

Now included with every Level 2, or Level 3, Ceramic Coating Package is a complimentary, local, shuttle service to pick up and drop off your vehicle. We can pick it up and drop it off, or we can give you a lift home.

Ceramic Coatings Water Behavior
Things to consider BEFORE getting a coating

How long will you keep your vehicle?

Do you plan to keep your vehicle at least 3 years or more? If you don’t plan on keeping your vehicle more than a year or two, maybe you shouldn’t invest the money in a long-term ceramic coating.

Pre-Existing Conditions

It is important to consider whether your vehicle has any extra scratches or imperfections in the paint that will bother you, prior to getting a ceramic coating on your vehicle. Once the coating has been applied, it will need to be removed in order to remove any scratches underneath.

Inspect Your Paint

It is recommended that you inspect your vehicle(s) paint in the sun one day after washing it. Are you happy with the condition of the paint? Are there any scratches, bird poop etchings, wash marring, or haziness that bothers you? If there are water spots present on the exterior surfaces, we must remove them properly before any ceramic coating can be applied. Coatings are designed to bond to the bare materials we apply them to, so we must prep accordingly.

Please see our paint correction page for more information on how we safely recondition paint and exterior surfaces.

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Still Unsure?

Still unsure which ceramic coating service is right for you? It’s okay. Before making any recommendations, we consider your own personal needs and your vehicle(s) specific use case. One of the most proven surface protection options to date, is having a professional Ceramic Coating applied to your vehicle. To provide you with exactly what you need, we have custom tailored multiple ceramic coating packages to suite different budgets. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call, and stop by. We are happy to help guide you through the process.

Don’t think you are ready for a full fledged ceramic coating yet? That’s okay, maybe down the road. For now, check out our professional auto detailing services. They may be a better fit for you and your needs.

The longevity of a true, professional grade, ceramic, paint protection is measured in years, not months.