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Welcome to Purity Auto Hygienics! The home of your local, IDA Certified, quality detailing services.

A fully licensed, insured, and certified, professional detailing business. We are proud to be a current International Detailing Association Member, IDA Certified Detailer, and P&S Authorized professional Ceramic Coating Installers. We utilize the most current, up to date processes, including steam, compressed air, and phenomenally formulated professional products that perform from start to finish. Detailing is an art when done properly.


Our approach is simple. Do no harm. Let us help you, by keeping that resale value UP. An advanced understanding about chemistry, and the specific materials we encounter on a regular basis, allows us to remove contamination from the surfaces, efficiently and effectively without ever causing damaging.

We look through a long term lens and prefer a “restore, preserve, and protect” view point. Instead of a “quick clean now” type of approach.

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Professionally packaged detailing services that deliver maximum results. Odds are, you have never seen anything like it.



Preserving and protecting the different surfaces and material types is the more important part of the overall equation. A vehicle that has been protected properly from the elements to begin with, and kept protected, will last the longest. When maintained properly, the surfaces never degrade to begin with. Which means there is no correction or restoration work needed. Just a little regular maintenance.

New leather should be protected with a Leather Coating to protect from abrasion, dye transfer from jeans and jackets, spills, food, etc. As leather ages, conditioning agents, can be helpful at keeping the material supple and keep it from drying out.

On the exterior, we battle fading, and discoloration from the sun. Oxidation, industrial fallout from the sky, bird droppings, bugs, etc. are all landing on vehicles on a daily basis. Bird droppings can be very acidic and can etch paint overnight without any protection on the surface… you get the idea. Ceramic Coatings are highly effective at providing substantial long lasting protection from these and more (See Ceramic Coating Services Here).

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Other Detailing Services

We offer a whole assortment of auto, truck, marine and tractor detailing, restorative, and surface protection services that will help make things easier for you. Elevate the value of your vehicles today. We can help make it less time consuming, both inside and out.

Ask us about our different options to increase the durability of specific high wear areas of the vehicle. Installing ppf, or paint protection film, in the door jambs will help maintain the paint work. Eliminating the chipping and scuffing from peoples feet. This is a must have for kid haulers.

Our extensive knowledge of different material properties, chemistry, and up to date processes, allows us to ensure that your vehicle gets the attention it needs. You get the good looking, clean ride, you deserve!

Paint Correction Services

Advanced, professional paint correction procedures and machine polishing in Yuba City, California.

We utilize the latest and greatest, state of the art, tooling, pads, buffing liquids, and extensive expertise in polishing everything from Classics, single stage, Laquer based paints, to brand new factory clear coat/base coat paint systems.

From resprays, custom paint jobs, gel coat, fiberglass top coats, tractors, semi trucks, and more, you probably can’t bring us something we haven’t already seen and worked on.


We refuse to cut corners. Our commercial and private clientele continually place their trust in us for their car, truck, SUV, boat, and agriculture detailing needs. We do not take that trust lightly.

When it comes to highly specialized auto detailing and ceramic coating with quality results you can count on, look no further.

We obsess over the details, so you don’t have to. Have questions? Get in touch.

Marine Detailing Services

From detailing, gel coat polishing, and oxidation removal, to professional grade ceramic coatings that keep your hull cleaner longer and minimize staining. Inside and out, we have something to help you spend more time on the water, and less time maintaining.