IDA Certified Detailing in Yuba City, Ca

Experience a high quality renewal of your vehicle’s look and feel.

Auto Detailing Packages


Designed to clean, then protect. Emphasis on Protection… After the service is completed, a professional strength Fabric & Upholstery Coating lasting up to 1 Year included.

Our Signature “RESET Package”

– Everything from our Standard Interior Package and more.
– Dry Cleaning Carpet and Upholstery Steam Process guarantees NO mold issues. EVER.
– Professional Grade Enzyme Spot Treatment
– Professional Grade Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo
– Carpet & Upholstery Peroxide Finisher. This process neutralizes the enzyme treatment and the shampoo, deactivating the cleaners. This is critical is helping to prevent re-soiling.***
– Upgraded to Premium longer lasting dressings and protectants to minimize wear on those high traffic finishes.
– Leather gets Premium Treatment & Protectant

***Pricing is affected by vehicle model and vehicle condition. All vehicles are subject to a pre inspection at time of service.

car detailing yuba city near me
car detailing Yuba city near me


Tired of the quick “wipe down and vac” at the car wash? We were too. You love your car, and we can help you love it more. This is an Interior REVIVAL. Designed to reset your vehicle interior and set the standard of professional detailing available in our area. A little TLC can go a long way.

“The Standard” RESET Button

– Everything in our Maintenance Interior Package and more.
– Re-Conditioning Agents are applied to the various materials in the vehicle to rehydrate and preserve the materials. You can Expect a Dry-to-the-Touch feel, and a Like New Satin Finish.
– This is a proper Interior Detail.
– Designed as a “RESET Button” for vehicles that haven’t had a Professional Detail in awhile***

***Pricing is affected by vehicle model and vehicle condition. All vehicles are subject to a pre inspection at time of service.


Keep your vehicle feeling and looking new regularly. Introducing our all new Maintenance Interior solution. Designed for regularly maintained vehicles that need a professional reset and freshening up.

– Vacuum floor boards and trunk
– Detail all controls, steering wheel, center console, shifter, ect…
– Blow out nooks and crevices with compressed air
– Interior Automotive Glass is Cleaned streak free
– Dashboard and seats wiped down and conditioned to prevent cracking down the road.

***Pricing is affected by vehicle model and vehicle condition. All vehicles are subject to a pre inspection at time of service.

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Exterior Detailing Packages


Detail then protect. With emphasis on the Protection… Upgraded to professional strength CERAMIC COATING lasting up to 18 Months with a 9H hardness rating. The ultimate annual refresh and protection package.

Includes: Everything from our Standard Exterior Detail +

– Jeweled Paint. Enhancement polish removing swirls and light scratches to reset the appearance of your painted exterior surfaces.
– Paint Protection upgraded to a 9H Hardness, professional grade, Ceramic Coating lasting up to 18 months! (Better than a sealant)

car detailing near me yuba city
car ceramic coating near me, paint correction, car detailing near me


Exterior revival. Designed to set the standard of what a professional detail should be. If it has been a year or so since your last detail this is for you.

Includes: Everything from Maintenance Exterior Detail +

– Wheel Wells Cleaned
– Tar Removed
– Sap Removed
– Clay Bar – Iron and Industrial Fallout Decontamination making your paint smooth as silk.
– Paint Sealant Applied as final Surface Protection


Keep your vehicle feeling and looking new with our Maintenance Exterior service. Designed for regularly maintained vehicles that need a professional freshening up.


– Hand Wash Ph Neutral Shampoo
– Bugs Removed
– Wheels & Tires cleaned. Tires Dressed.
– Exterior Windows Cleaned

car detailing near me, yuba city,

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Common Questions

Car Care
How often should I have my car Detailed?

It really depends on your individual maintenance routine. Once a year or so, for a well kept vehicle, would be very reasonable. A weekly or bi-weekly car maintenance routine can make the process easy and quick.

How often should I wash my car?

Once a week is the normally recommended amount for a car stored outside that is daily driven. Vehicles with a good quality ceramic coating can sometimes go up to two or three weeks without a proper wash, and they still look very presentable. With one extra product you may already have in your arsenal, you can make light work of the bird poop and important things by removing them safely in-between washes. 

Professional Detailing

What is a clay bar decontamination service?

A clay bar, is a tool we use to mechanically remove iron fallout and other embedded contaminants that work their way into the clear coat. Hot and cold cycles make the paint expand and contract allowing the fallout to embed itself into the paint. These contaminants are not able to be removed during a traditional wash process. Decontamination steps are necessary in order to apply any type of surface protection. Failure to do so, negatively effects the bond between the paint and applied protection.

I have purchased a ceramic coating before that I was disappointed with. What makes your ceramic coatings different?

This is a two-fold answer. Unfortunately, that was a common occurrence 10 years ago, or so, with the early industry coating offerings. Many early failure issues were caused by technicians skipping certain necessary preparation steps. There is also a very large difference between an entry level, light duty coating, and a heavyweight, long term, professional grade coating in terms of durability and longevity. Even if both are applied properly, a spray coating cannot hold a candle to long term coatings.