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The ultimate. Rock chip and scratch protection.

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Protection from the sun, heat, and elements.

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Detailed Different.

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Maximized results. Minimized risk.

PPF, Vehicle Detailing and Ceramic Coating Testimonials

Five Star Reviews, Five Star overall on google

“Very friendly and reliable couple. Their attention to detail was exemplary and the priced were fair. Unlike some shops Garrett is fully certified to do ceramic coatings and the results were amazing. I highly recommend visiting them first for all of your auto detailing needs.”

Five Star Reviews, Five Star overall on google

“We had two vehicles done by Purity because they are so good. This review is for our ceramic coating on our most recent vehicle. They brought back to life the gorgeous color on my Yukon! Took the swirls completely away. All the hard water spots GONE! And now it is SO easy to wash and keep clean. Definitely worth the money. Great people to work with. Highly recommended.”

Sandy M.
Five Star Reviews, Five Star overall on google

“Purity Auto Hygienics restored my car’s paint. My car had damage from water spots and no other detailer could repair the paint. Purity was sure they could make my car look new again. They kept their word and made my car look even better than new! The ceramic coating that Purity put on my car gave me added certainty that my car’s great finish would last for another year.
Thank you to Purity Auto Hygienics!”

Scott W.



STEK USA Protective Automotive Films

The ultimate surface protection for your vehicle. PPF Protection against rock chips, and scratches.


Warrantied against yellowing, cracking, fading, bubbling, etc. for 10 years!

As certified STEK USA installers, we are excited to bring you the ULTIMATE in Paint & Surface Protection films. Guard against rock chips, and scratches, with our non yellowing, optically clear STEK DYNOShield PPF (Paint Protection Film), or add a custom touch with our premium Matte/Satin, colored, or pattern PPF like carbon fiber and more.

Hydrophobic Top Coat

Our film of choice has the most hydrophobic topcoat in the industry, infused into the film. You can learn more on our PPF page.

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Certified STEK USA PPF Installer in Yuba City, Ca
Paint protection film installer yuba city, ppf near me


New & Used – Ceramic Coating Services

We took a fresh look at the entire auto detailing and ceramic coating process from the ground up. Lots has changed in the last 10 years. From the ceramic coatings we trust and rely on with our own vehicles, to the paint correction (polishing, scratch removal, buffing), detailing products, and the processes themselves. This is quality stuff.

Ceramic Coating Prep Detail

All coating preparation procedures are performed by a professionally trained, International Detailing Association (IDA) Certified, auto detailing professional.

We follow all procedures thoroughly to make certain our ceramic coatings bond, cure, and perform as described.

Amazing looking, durable, and long lasting surface protection you can count on to deliver results. Accompanied by the cleanest, safest, most up to date, auto detailing, paint correction methods, and ceramic coating technologies available.

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Paint correction, polishing, professional
P&S Authorized, Certified, ceramic coating, Installer, Yuba City,


Renew & Reset

Setting a new standard for auto detailing in Yuba City. Offering complete vehicle detailing packages and revamped processes that are guaranteed never to cause damage, nor wear out materials like traditional methods.

Purity Auto Hygienics

At Purity Auto Hygienics, we take a delicate approach to leather, carpet and upholstery, carbon fiber, paint work, wheels, glass and trim. We have the experience, tooling, and techniques to revive, or maintain, your vehicle no matter its current condition.

Professional Car Care

Each and every vehicle is thoroughly cleaned, decontaminated, then properly protected from the elements by a fully trained, licensed, and insured detailing professional.

Quite simply, we offer the highest quality auto detailing Yuba City has to offer.

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We refuse to cut corners. Our commercial and private clientele continually place their trust in us for their car, truck, SUV, boat, and agriculture detailing needs. We do not take that trust lightly.

When it comes to highly specialized auto detailing and ceramic coating with quality results you can count on, look no further.

We obsess over the details, so you don’t have to. Have questions? Get in touch.

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***CARFAX Benefits

A No-Hassle Experience when you need your vehicle serviced.

Simply book your appointment, place your service deposit, and even get automated reminders about your appointments via text or email!

Our expertly crafted services are tailored to be everything you need, and nothing you don’t. A complete reset including surface protection to keep things feeling fresh, and cleaning easy.

We may make other recommendations of services to consider after we inspect your vehicle. If we notice anything that needs some preventative maintenance, we will let you know.

Classic, friendly, customer service, and Secure & Convenient Payment options.

You also get recognition for your outstanding vehicle maintenance, with credit on your CarFax Maintenance Report for our paint protection, glass protection, and high level detailing services. Potential future buyers will see the services reflected on your CARFAX maintenance report, just like your mechanics oil changes, supporting your increased resale value!***

Certified Detailing Professional


IDA Certified Professional Detailer

Whether it’s a daily driver, or a piece of your collection, at a minimum, you would like it to last the lifetime of ownership… Our goal is to deliver a job we are proud of. No matter what. Non destructive, preservation detailing. This drives us to seek out the highest level industry training and methods available. Knowing we are delivering the best possible services for our customers is what we are here for.

Licensed, Insured, Trained & Certified. We have passed exams to earn our IDA Certification. That means your vehicle is in excellent care. If you are anything like us, you like things done right the first time. You can rest assured your pride and joy is in great hands. Detailing is about long term material preservation

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Premium Quality Ceramic Coatings, Paint Correction, and Auto Detailing in Yuba City, Ca

Done right. The first time.

Why choose an International Detailer’s Association Certified Shop?

Because a damaged vehicle is much more costly to repair than a quality detail and ceramic coating job is to begin with. Professional detailing is not a quick cleaning.

When you choose an IDA Certified Detailer, you can rest assured your vehicle is in good hands. We have the necessary experience, knowledge, and skill sets. Delivering the best auto detailing, paint correction, and ceramic coating services you have ever experienced.

See for yourself, why Purity Auto Hygienics is considered a local leader in PPF, vehicle detailing and ceramic coating in Yuba City.

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How our referral program works: 

Every customer has a unique referral code. You can easily find your code at the bottom of your receipts, invoices, and proposals. We can look it up for you anytime as well, if you need help finding it.

When you refer someone, give them your own unique referral code. Once they present it to us, at the time of their service, they get their discount, and you automatically receive credit on your account to use the next time you come in yourself.